Impact of Angulation Errors In Dental Implants

At this time, integration of dental implants is highly predictable, with success rates exceeding 90%. The current measure of successful implant therapy is implant position. Implant placement errors can dramatically affect treatment outcome and adversely impact the entire implant treatment plan.

Among the implant treatment errors which commonly occur are angulation errors, in which the implant trajectory is significantly angled relative to the desired prosthetic envelope.

The consequences of angulation errors include:

• Difficulty taking impressions
• Custom abutment vs stock abutment
• Difficult restoration
• Compromised esthetics
• Parallelism issues

One approach to avoiding angulation errrors is guided surgery, using CBCT scans, implant planning software (now available for free) and drill guides. Comprehensive, preoperative treatment planning and the use of a drill guide eliminate the guess work and allow you to perform implant surgery with confidence, precision and accuracy.

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