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Guided Surgery Solutions offers seminars, webinars and study clubs for general dentists and all dental specialties.

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Not all guided surgery is created equal! See how the ThinLayer® Guide System can be used for all cases.

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Stay up to date with all the latest events, news and advances in guided surgery.

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Why Guided Surgery?

Traditional Problems with Guided Surgery

Guided surgery promoted as a fool proof method – “The Drill Press”

  • Virtual planning done with inadequate data
  • Marketed as flapless surgery
  • Drill guides often do not fit
  • Capabilities and limitations of method misrepresented or not discussed
  • Surgical kit/guide usable for only one implant system
  • Promoted as a tool for inexperienced surgeons to perform implant surgery
  • Result: Disasterous outcomes and limited market penetration

Issues with Free-Hand Implant Placement

Guided surgery was developed to prevent implant placement errors

Guided Surgery versus Free-Hand

  1. Level of pre-surgical knowledge
  2. Preoperative planning vs intra-operative planning (trial and error)
  3. Constrained drill trajectory vs unconstrained

“Mrs. Jones – would you like me to know what I’m doing pre-surgically or figure it out while I’m doing your surgery?”

Patients feel more confident knowing that all planning was done pre-surgically.

The Guided Surgery Solution

Guided surgery can deliver spectacular results when used properly, but regardless of the system that Doctors use, there are several things that must be perfected before achieving these desired results. Guided surgery is not a drill press, it is a systematic approach that leverages CBCT scanning and digital planning to produce a surgical guide for superior implant placement. Guided Surgery Solutions is dedicated to providing Doctors of all experience and skill levels with education for all steps of guided surgery.

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