CE Webinar: Differentiating Your Practice With Computer Guided Implant Surgery

Join Dr. Jerome Haber, Founder of Guided Surgery Solutions, as he leads another interactive webinar. The webinar is FREE and attendees will receive 1 CE credit. Please see the description below for the session. You will receive an email shortly after signing up with login information for the webinar.

Course Name
Differentiating Your Practice With Computer Guided Implant Surgery
This course will be held on March 24, 2015 at 8:15PM EST

Course Description
In this webinar we will discuss how guided surgery can differentiate your practice, impress your patients, increase your referrals, and lower your stress. Additionally, we will review how to present guided surgery to your patient. Join us to learn how you can incorporate this technology into your practice with no major investment.

Course Objectives
1. Provide an understanding of the capabilities of the technology, including 3D imaging
2. Present how guided surgery is implemented
3. Review the steps in preparing to perform guided surgery
4. Illustrate restorative-driven treatment planning using implant planning software
5. Summarize how guided surgery can be incorporated into a dental practice

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