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Osteotomy depths are designed to be up to 1.5 mm longer than the corresponding implant insertion depth. We call this difference the “v-factor”. Not only does it vary by manufacturer, but it can also vary within any one manufacturer’s drill kits – tapered or straight, guided or non-guided, hub or no hub – all drill kits are built differently. Below is a table of V-factors taken from various manufacturer surgical manuals.

When drilling freehand, one must be aware that the depth marks correspond to implant insertion depth, even though in many cases the osteotomy depth will be deeper. When using a surgical guide, it is important to note that the virtual implant placed in the planning software may be short of the full osteotomy depth. And the manufacturer of the drill guide must account for the additional depth of the drill. If this is not accounted for, the drill will go only to the implant insertion depth, stopping short of the desired osteotomy depth.


Table 1: V-factors (drilling depth minus implant insertion depth)

Make/Model V-Factor Length (mm)
NobelReplace 1.50
Keystone Straight 1.35
Keystone Tapered 1.27
3i ACT 0.60 – 1.30
3i ITD/DTN/DT 0.40 – 1.00
Zimmer 1.00
Osstem Taper and Straight 1.00
AlphaBio TEC 0.00 – 1.00
MIS SEVEN 0.20 – 0.95
MIS BiOCOM 0.20 – 0.60
Hiossen HM 0.60
Straumann 0.40
BioHorizons Tapered Internal 0.00
Implantium 0.00
DENTSPLY Ankylos 0.00

Exhibit A

Figure 1 – NobelReplace


Figure 2 – Keystone Straight

Keystone PrimaConnex Straight

Figure 3 – Keystone Tapered

Keystone Prima Solo, Prima Connex Tapered

Figure 4 – 3i (all)

3i V-F diagram

Figure 5 – 3i (all)

3i V-Fs

Figure 6 – Zimmer drills (Driva shown below)

Zimmer Driva Guided Surgery Kit

Figure 7 – Osstem Tapered

Osstem 5.0 Taper

Figure 8 – Osstem Straight

Osstem 5.0 Twist

Figure 9 – AlphaBio TEC

AlphaBio TEC

Figure 10 – MIS SEVEN


Figure 11 – MIS BiOCOM


Figure 12 – Hiossen HM

Hiossen HM

Figure 13 – Straumann


Figure 14 – BioHorizons Tapered Internal


Figure 15 – Implantium

Implantium 5.0 - same for all diameters

Figure 16 – Dentsply XiVE

Denstply XiVE

Figure 17 – Dentsply ANKYLOS

Dentsply Ankylos

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  • Date November 26, 2013
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