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Project Description

The key to ideal implant placement is to virtually represent FutureTooth™ position through restorative-driven treatment planning. We enable 3D planning on the intraoral anatomy, gingiva, and teeth – not just on the bone alone – using a simple protocol and free Blue Sky Plan software. Here you’ll find a thirty minute video tutorial on how to use Blue Sky Plan, which covers the basics on how to plan a case from start to finish demonstrating the free software tools. We’ve also included a step-by-step workflow, accompanied by screenshots, to further assist you.

It’s your choice whether to plan the treatment yourself, or to save time and have us do it for you. Once we do the initial plan, we will review it with you before we create a surgical drill guide. We charge $100-200 for the planning service, a price low enough that it may make sense not to do it yourself.

Please note implant surgery should be prosthetically driven, so even if you do your own treatment plans, we highly recommend including your restorative dentist in the planning.

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  • Date October 17, 2013
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