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Project Description

Dr. Jerome Haber - Implant Surgeon SpecialistOur founder, Dr. Jerome Haber, has used CT-based guided surgery for more than half of his 35 clinical years as a periodontist. He tried commercially available tube guides, but ran into design limitations. He began making his own surgical guides – precursors to today’s solution – which address the technical issues sometimes found in commercially available tube guides. Eventually, he decided to patent his innovative surgical guide design and manufacturing process, and formed Guided Surgery Solutions, LLC to make guided surgery technically and economically feasible for all implant surgeons. Dr. Haber has  published in the immunology and periodontology literature, is a recipient of the Clinical Research Award from the American Academy of Periodontology, and is the inventor of the ThinLayer Guided Surgery System.



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  • Date January 9, 2013
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