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Project Description

Tooth #10,12, treatment planning with Blue Sky Plan and the ThinLayer® Guide

The #10 and #12 sites were planned in Blue Sky Plan, using 0.5 mm “abutments” to illustrate prosthetic trajectory. Cross-section view shows placement in bone and prosthetic relationship to opposing arch. Panoramic view shows relationship to adjacent teeth. NOTE the converging roots of teeth #’s 11,13, requiring accurate placement to avoid surgical complications. The 3D view of articulated model shows relationship of prosthetic position to opposing arch and adjacent teeth.

The surgery was performed with the tube and ThinLayer® guides from Guided Surgery Solutions, who manufactures the guides from the 3D plan and provides custom drill stops for each drill in the sequence. The inner diameter of each drill stop fits flush to the drill shaft and fluted area. The outer diameter of each stop is flush with the inner diameter of the tube (in the tube guide) and the diameter of the hole in the ThinLayer® Guide. The tube is set at a predetermined height above the implant platform in order for the drill to stop at the osteotomy depth determined in Blue Sky Plan.

The tube guide was placed, and a spear drill placed through the insert (drill stop) in the tube guide to create bleeding points in the implant positions. An endo file through the insert could also be used, if preferred. Next, a pilot drill was placed through the insert in the tube guide to initiate preparation of the osteotomy.

The tube guide was removed and the ThinLayer® Guide placed. Its guide hole replicates the top of a guide tube. Next, a BioCut drill from Blue Sky Bio was used to advance the osteotomy.The osteotomy is enlarged to final diameter through the ThinLayer® Guide and using custom drill stops to control depth. The tissue punch, cortical drill, and implant driver are also centered in the guide hole.

Radiographs of the planned and final implant positions are included.

Please visit our Advantages page for more information for about the ThinLayer® Guide system.

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