Key To Accurate Implant Placement

When placing implants you have an option to do a case freehand or to utilize guided surgery. Guided surgery is proven to be the safest, most accurate way to place implants – while greatly reducing stress during the procedure and increasing efficiency. Whether you are a seasoned professional who has been placing implants for many years, or a doctor just getting started, guided surgery can provide very practical benefits to you, your staff and your patients.

What Makes Guided Surgery So Accurate?

Acquiring the proper data is essential for having a successful guided surgery case. This starts with having clean scans that are merged using fiducial markers. The spacial relationships between the teeth, soft tissue and bone cannot be captured in one scan.

A scan of the patient is merged with a scan of the stone model to prepare a case for planning. The use of fiducial markers allow for a precise, accurate merge regardless of any scatter that may have occurred during the patient scan.

Guided Surgery Solutions has created simplified, yet comprehensive scanning protocols for any kind of case. Whether you have a CBCT scanner in your office, are using a scan center, have a fully edentulous case, or a partially edentulous case, we have a protocol that will produce an accurate ThinLayer® surgical drill guide for you as well as delivering excellent fit retention and visibility.

Visit our “How It Works” page to learn more about our protocols. There you will find valuable information on how to best scan a patient for a guided surgery case. Want us to call you to discuss our system and protocols? Sign up for a brief intro call.